How to Keep Frozen Veggies From Iceberging

How to Keep Frozen Veggies From Iceberging

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Because the last thing you need is to try carving off a portion from a clump of peas at the last minute.

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You've got the perfect weeknight dinner recipe lined up—you have all the ingredients on hand, and it's only going to take 20 minutes to make. You get to the part that calls for adding 2/3 of a cup of frozen peas—and that's when you discover they are all stuck together in one giant iceberg-like clump.

Perhaps you try slamming the bag against the countertop or smashing it against the floor to break everything up—and now you have half an iceberg, a torn bag, and some some mashed frozen peas rolling around everywhere.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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If this is you, fear not. There are a few easy peas-y solutions. Here's what to do to keep that bag from becoming a frozen mess:

Buy Frozen Veggies Last

When I go grocery shopping, I make sure that the last thing I do is head down the frozen foods aisle, and then I go directly to the checkout. I also check the bag I'm buying to ensure I am not starting out with anything that has already been frozen into a mass.

Use an Insulated Bag

My favorite thermal bag is the Costco 12 gallon insulated cooler bag. (You can also get a good one on Amazon.) It’s sturdy, does an excellent job of keeping things cool, is simple to zip foods into, and makes for easy shoulder-carrying when unloading groceries at home.

As an extra safety measure, I also place a frozen ice block, such as the Igloo reusable ice block, in my bag before I leave home. I am always quick to place the cold items in this bag at the checkout, or as I am loading groceries into my car, depending on how hectic the lines are in the store.

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At Home, Head Straight for the Freezer

When leaving the store with cold and frozen foods, I make a bee line for home. As I unload my car, frozen food always takes priority. My insulated bag is the first in the door. Even if I have a car full of groceries, I will go ahead and stop unloading the car to get all frozen foods into the freezer.

Get Veggies Out Right Before You Need Them

I keep my peas in the freezer almost 100% of their life. I pull out the bag when I need to measure out what I need for a recipe and immediately stick it back in the freezer.

I don’t have an ice pick, and I don’t like the thought of my peas blasting all over the kitchen floor as I try to break them up as I would a bag of ice. So, it is second nature to protect my peas as carefully as I protect my ice cream, and it makes food preparation much easier in the long run. Easy, freezie, peasy!

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Gameplay [ edit | edit source ]

The gameplay is pretty similar to the other Mario 3D platformer games. The game has a main hub, called Egg Island. Levels are completed similar to how Super Mario 3D Land and 3D World's levels are completed. Also, like Super Mario 3D World, the player needs find 3 Green Stars in each stage and needs find one Stamp. Like in Super Mario 3D World, the Wii U Gamepad can be used at any point during gameplay to interact with the environment, allowing players to stun enemies, momentarily reveal hidden objects (both in levels and on the map), hit blocks, stop moving platforms, and various other functions that can help the player at some missions. The GamePad can also be used to control the camera during gameplay by pressing the button on the bottom corner of the GamePad screen and tilting the controller, in what is known as Free Camera Mode. It works in a similar fashion to the camera from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The GamePad can also be used for Off-TV Play at any point. 

Egg House [ edit | edit source ]

The Egg House, that it's on World 1, provides all the cutscenes that appeared on the game and every soundtrack of the game. There you can also see the collection of Stamps that the player collected, the stats of gameplay of each level (if every playable character played the level, if all the Green Power Stars and Stamps were collected and if the player reach the top of the Flagpole) and if every character were unlocked.

The Egg House also provides research information and an 3D model of each thing on the game. To acquire them, there are some instructions to follow. To acquire a 3D model with informations of:

  • An enemie: the player must defeat it at least once with any character (Ex: Goomba)
  • A boss: the player must defeat it with all the playable characters (Ex: Motley Bossblob)
  • A level: the player must complete the level (100%), getting all the Green Stars and Stamp on that level and also reaching the top of the Flagpole at least once (Ex: Yoshi Hill)
  • A world: the player must complete every level (100%) of the world and defeat every boss(es) of the world (Ex: Yoshi's Grassland)
  • A normal power-up: the player must use it at least once with one character (Ex: Goomba's Shoe)
  • Playable character using a normal power-up: the player must use the power-up with the specific character at least once (Ex: Double Toad)
  • A object: the player must grab/see it at least once (Ex: Green Star/Stamp/Clear Pipe)
  • A non-playable character/rideable character: the player needs talk with it at least once (Ex: Gearmo)
  • A playable chatacter: the player must need to unlock the character and play all the levels with it (Ex: Mario)

http://neotendo.wikia.com/wiki/Paper_Mario:_Countdown_to_Chaos/Tattle_Log?oldid=8686 >>Pincho Flight: Falls from the sky. Clawgripper: Throws rocks at you. Plantoon: Wimpy. Octo. Loud Lizard. Armored Lizard. Tentacles: Spin and try to hurt you. Squirts: Airborne water drops. Smogjin: Throws spikes at you, the spikes will turn into Stingies if they touch the ground. Flutterer: Flying fish. Clammers: Related to Piranha Plants. Harpoon Harry: Painful missiles which launch out of cannons. Levels Each castle you go in will hold a Koopaling, as well as Wart and Bowser. Giant Castle: Frog, related to Toad, but a Koopa resident. Ice Castle: Wart. Sky Castle: Roy. Water Castle: Wendy. Grass Castle: Larry. Pipe Castle: Ludwig. Desert Castle: Morton. Spike Castle: Bowser. Castle Bosses It can't be Clawser in every castle! Giant: Pintsize: A crab that shoots water and shrinks every time you jump on him. Ice: Fiery: Shoots fire at the ceiling, which contain spikes. Try dodging them. Sky: Rockhead: Jumps up and down. Water: Slip Ice: Throws barrels. Throw bombs at him and he will vanish. Grass: Fly Fighter: Jumps up and down. You have to throw a bomb at him so he won't move. Pipe: Sluggie: Goes to a pipe and tries to aim at you. Desert: Sand Wave: A ghost made of sand. Throw a bomb at it so he can drop and when he drops, jump on him. Spike: Clawser: In the first round he will throw hammers at you, so always wait until he throws three. In the second round he will fly on a magic carpet. Throw a bomb at him. In the third round, don't touch him, always throw a bomb at him when his guards are down. Finally Bowser comes out of the cage and throws Clawser out into the sea. Did you like this submission?Whoops! You're not logged in!If you were, you could leave the author of this submission some feedback, even vote it into Little Lemmy's Land!Why not login now? Go login!Fill out the boxes below if you would like to invite a friend to this page.Friend'sName Email (required)  YourName Email  Suggest this page!  Have you dreamed up the next Mario game? Email me!Goomba Bullet Bills my favorite enemies LakituPiranha Plant Koopa Troopa semi naked but "Behold the heart pink boxers"BooParagoombaMagiKoopaSuper KoopaMonty Mole PokeyPunchy Dry BonesNinjiGromba: 15 HPparTeal Koopa: 20 HPparCrusher Brambi : 17 HPparSpiked Gromba: 25 HPparParaGromba: 25 HPparPink Paratroopa: 30 HPparKuribow: 28 HPparYoshi Nipper: 41 HPparFire Paratroopa: 50 HPparFrigid Pidgit: 63 HPparMe Roar: 56 HPparSealfrost: 70 HPparFrost Swooper: 72 HPSplitin' Vine-Gaull: 88 HPparHedgehogger: 99 HPparSandy Thwomp: 101 HPparSarasa Plant: 110 HPparMonty Cannon: 94 HPparMini-RamrockTall Shy Guy: 100 HPIcicle Spear Guy: 109 HPPyro Buganeer: 120 HPCamoflauge Guy: 113 HPSpear Kosha: 129 HPCrystal Berryba: 131 HPparCuauhthwomp: 100 HPparKnightlite: 150 HPparJade Bumpty: 183 HPparClubba: 200 HPparSnow Kosha: 194 HPparHammer Boruum: 250 HPparBoomerang Boruum: 250 HPparFire Boruum: 250 HPparTeal Magikoopa: 223 HPparKoopatrol: 242 HPparVinesnapper   

Normal Enemies [ edit | edit source ]

1,000 1,500 Yesha's Temple (At first)

Playable Characters [ edit | edit source ]

When you unlock a character, the game works like Super Mario 3D World, where you can choose the characters freely.

Image   Name   Advantage   Disdvantage   Unlocking Criteria  
[15] Mario All-around Playable from the start
[16] Luigi Can jump higher. Low traction. Playable from the start
[17] Princess Peach Can hover in midair for a short time. Runs slower. Complete World 1-Castle
[18] Princess Daisy Can do a impulsive second jump. Short long-jump Complete World 2-Castle
[19] Toad Can run faster. Falls faster. Complete World 3-Castle
[20] Toadette Can jump farther. Falls faster. Complete World 4-Castle
[21] Wario He can pick up enemies and launch them. He has the lowest jump. Complete World 5-Castle
[22] Waluigi He has the longest long-jump He has the worst traction. Complete World 6-Castle
[23] Rosalina She has the Spin Attack. She loses her spin attack when gains a power-up. Complete World Star-Castle

Rideable Characters [ edit | edit source ]

These caracters can be used as Rideable characters for the Playable Characters.

Image   Name   Abilities  
[24] Yoshi Yoshi can flutter jump, can do ground pounds and has his usual tongue ability. He can easily eat a normal enemy such as a Goomba or Piranha Plant, creating an egg that can be used to attack other enemies or blocks. If Yoshi eats a shelled enemy, hammers, sledge hammers, spiked balls or boomerangs, he can't swallow it, and must spit it out eventually instead. If Yoshi eats an explosive enemie, such as a Bob-omb or a Bullet Bill, he creates an Explosive Egg that explodes in some seconds if not thrown back. Yoshi can also jump on spiked places and on certain enemies that players can't normally jump on, such as Spinies, though it won't affect the enemies in any way. Eating a Fire enemie or a fireball allows Yoshi to spit out a fireball. Also, eating an Ice enemie or an iceball allows Yoshi to spit out an iceball. Electrical attacks, electric barriers, lava or certain fire or ice attacks send Yoshi back to his egg.
[25] Plessie Plessie rides though water, sand, snow, lava and even though poisoned water, oil and acid. It's only playable at some parts of a course, not at all of the course (like Yoshi). It can defeat all of enemeis during the course (except electric enemies and spiked enemies). When it played on multiplayer, only the first player controls Plessie.

Other Characters [ edit | edit source ]

Image   Name   Description  
[26] Birdo Birdo appear as a helper of the game, giving advices to the players and also she appears at the Egg House, providing research information on all the enemies and bosses the player has defeated.
[27] Toadsworth Toadsworth appears before the first level of each world, explaning the basic controls of the game (World 1). He also talks sometimes about each world's characteristics.
[28] Bowser Bowser, knowing the existence of the Giant Atomic Egg on Egg Island, pretend to absorve its power to conquer the entrie universe. He send his troops to attack the island and capture Mario's friends, trapping them into different worlds, staying in World 1 with Princess Peach. After being defeated in World 1 and loses Peach, he escapes to World 8, saying to Kamek and Motley to use thei magic to improve some members of the Koopa Clan, while Bowser Jr. helps with the prision of the other Mario's friends and Army with the Koopa's Masterful Airship Brigade. After being defeated again in World 8, he tells the heroes that his plan is almost completed, going to the Egg and creating a World of himself. When the heroes reach the Egg, Bowser is surprised with the persistence of the group, but absorves the power of "his" Giant Atomic Egg, transforming into Atomic Bowser. After being defeated, he falls into some acid, transforming into Dry Bowser and escapes to World ★.
[29] Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. appear helping his father in his plan, capturing all the players (except Mario and Luigi, who escapes from him), trapping Yoshi and Plessie into Eggs and helping to build the castles of all the Worlds. He also helps his father to protect his transformed Giant Atomic Egg, guarding the last Fortress that have the most of energy to protect the Atomic Egg.
[30] Kamek Kamek, alongside with Motley, have a big importance to Bowser's plan: They destroy the island and transform it in 8 worlds commanded by the Koopa Troop. Kamek, after the defeat of Bowser in Wolrd 1, uses his magic with the power of Giant Atomic Egg to improve the best members of the Koopa Troop (Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Motley and Army Hammer Bro.). After Bowser is defeated in world 8, Kamek appears again, creating 6 Fortresses to protect the Egg, transformed into Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg.
[31] Motley Bossblob Motley, alongside with Kamek, have a big importance to Bowser's plan: They destroy the island and transform it in 8 worlds commanded by the Koopa Troop. Motley, after the defeat of Bowser in Wolrd 1, uses his magic to transform some minions of the Koopa Troop into some powerful leaders, creating Leader Conkdocrat, Waddleking, Archduke Bulber, Emperor Mosikice, Baron Rexock, King Fizzliater and Czar Ty-Foon. He also appear to guard a Circus in World 5 to try to disturb the players.
[32] Army Hammer Bro. Army Hammer Bro. is consider now one of Bowser Jr.'s best allies and one of the High Ranking Members of Koopa Troop. His loyalty to Bowser and the Koopa Troop is very signifiant, making him direct the Koopa's Masterful Airship Brigade. Before his battle against the players, Kamek appear and use his magic combined with the power of the Giant Atomic Egg, making him vey powerful.
[33] Boom Boom & Pom Pom Boom Boom and Pom Pom are allies of Bowser that are transformed by the magic of Kamek and Motley Bossblob combined with the power of the Giant Atomic Egg. They have their appearence and abailities improved in their battles.
[[File:|150px]] Rabbits Rabbits appear in the game at some levels, where they can again be chased and caught. Larger variations also appear. When they are caught they give prizes like Power-Ups, Coins, Green Stars, Stamps or even a Mega Mushroom.
[34] Yoshis (species) Yohis appear as hostages at all the worlds and they give some advices at some levels. They also serve as hostages when there is more than one player riding an Yoshi.
[35] Toads Toads appear as hostages of world 1 and they give some advices of that world.
[36] Birdos (species) Birdos appear as hostages of world 2 and they give some advices of that world.
[37] Piantas Piantas appear as hostages of world 3 and they give some advices of that world.
[38] Penguins Penguins appear as hostages of world 4 and they give some advices of that world.
[39] Whittles Whittles appear as hostages of world 5 and they give some advices of that world.
[40] Gearmos Gearmos appear as hostages of world 6 and they give some advices of that world.
[41] Bob-omb Buddies Bob-omb Buddies appear as hostages of worldsه and 8 and they give at levels of these worlds.
[42] Sprixies Sprixies appear as hostages of worlds ★ and Crown and they give some advices of these worlds.
[43] Lumas Lumas appear as hostages of worlds ★ and Crown and they give some advices of these worlds.


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