Chicken drumsticks in sour cream marinade

Ingredients for Cooking Chicken Drumsticks in Sour Cream Marinade

  1. Chicken drumstick 1300 g
  2. Sour cream 1 cup
  3. Lemon 1 pc
  4. 4 cloves of garlic
  5. Parsley to taste
  6. Dried oregano 0.5 tbsp. spoons
  7. Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. spoons
  8. Ground pepper to taste
  9. Salt 0.5 tsp or to taste
  • Main ingredients: Garlic, Chicken, Sour Cream


Bakeware, Bowl, Tablespoon, Paper kitchen towels or napkins, Knife, Cutting board, Teaspoon, Oven, Grater, Plastic bag with lock, Refrigerator

Cooking chicken drumsticks in sour cream marinade:

Step 1: Cook the marinade.

Preparation of sour cream marinade begins with lemon. We thoroughly rinse it under running water, wipe it with a kitchen towel, arm ourselves with a grater with small holes or special for citrus fruits and rub the zest in any convenient plate. Then put the lemon on a cutting board, cut in half and squeeze the juice. Enough for our recipe 1 tablespoon.
We wash the parsley under running water, shake it over the sink, transfer it to a cutting board and finely chop with a sharp knife.
Peel the garlic and chop it into small pieces of arbitrary shape on a cutting board.
In a bowl we spread sour cream, oregano, lemon juice with zest, garlic, vegetable oil, salt and ground pepper. Mix everything until smooth.

Now pour the parsley and mix again with a tablespoon. All marinade is ready!

Step 2: Prepare Chicken Drumsticks.

We pass to meat. We carefully wash the chicken drumsticks under cold running water, wipe with paper kitchen towels or napkins, and cut off the skin if necessary.

Step 3: Pickle the chicken drumsticks.

We transfer the chicken drumsticks into a plastic bag with a lock or a regular plastic bag and gently, helping ourselves with a tablespoon, pour the marinade. Then close the lock or simply tighten the bag tightly and mix the contents several times so that the marinade evenly covers all chicken drumsticks.
After which we remove the bag of chicken in the refrigerator to pickle 30 minutes.

Step 4: Bake the dish.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, we take out a bag of chicken from the refrigerator and put the drumsticks in a baking dish.
After the oven has warmed up, set the pan and bake the meat until fully cooked 45 - 60 minutes. During this time, the chicken should be completely baked and covered with a beautiful golden crust.

Step 5: Serve the chicken drumsticks in a sour cream marinade.

We take out the fragrant chicken drumsticks from the oven, arrange them on plates and serve hot. An excellent side dish is mashed potatoes, pasta of any shape, boiled cereals, for example, buckwheat rice or couscous, as well as any vegetable salad. That's it, our delicious chicken is ready!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- In the marinade, you can add a little French mustard to taste or grated ginger.

- In such a marinade, you can cook not only chicken drumsticks, but also other parts of the bird.

- Garlic can be chopped with a special garlic press.

- Chicken can be baked in the oven on the grill.