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Hot chocolate with spices in the microwave

Microwave Hot Chocolate Ingredients

  1. Milk 5 cups
  2. Sugar 0.5 cup
  3. Bitter Chocolate 50 grams
  4. Ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon
  5. Ground nutmeg 0.25 teaspoon
  6. Ground clove 1 pinch
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 6 servings


Glassware, microwave, tablespoon.

Making hot chocolate with spices in the microwave:

Step 1: We drown chocolate.

Break the bitter chocolate into tiles, add spices, granulated sugar to it and pour everything one glass milk. Without closing the lid, send everything to the microwave and melt the chocolate at maximum power. In time, this process will take you 6-9 minutes. In this case, a couple of times chocolate will need to be mixed. As a result, you will get a dense homogeneous mass.

Step 2: Dilute the chocolate with milk.

While stirring, pour the remaining milk into the melted chocolate and return everything back to the microwave.
Cook hot chocolate with spices for another 9-13 minutescarefully watching that he did not run away.
Mix the finished hot chocolate and pour into circles. You can decorate it with orange zest or cinnamon sticks.

Step 3: Serve hot chocolate with spices.

Serve hot chocolate with spices at any time of the day or instead of dessert for lunch or dinner. The drink is quite satisfying and very tasty, and also has a bright spicy aroma.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can use milk chocolate, but it will need a little more and do not overdo it with sugar, it will need to be added, on the contrary, less.