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Heart shaped pizza

Heart Shaped Pizza Ingredients

  1. Pizza dough optional
  2. Pizza sauce (or tomato paste) to taste
  3. Grated Parmesan Cheese
  4. Mozzarella cheese to taste
  5. Olive oil to taste
  6. Salami to taste
  7. Pitted olives to taste
  • Main Ingredients Sausage and Sausage, Olives, Yeast Dough


Kitchen knife, rolling pin, baking tray, hot pot holders, cookie cutter in the shape of a heart.

Cooking pizza in the shape of a heart:

Step 1: roll out the dough.

If you do not know how to knead the dough, then just go to the store and buy a pizza dough. Defrost following the directions on the packaging.
Sprinkle flour on the countertop, lay the dough on it and roll it into a thin layer. After this layer, you need to give the shape of a heart. To do this, you can first cut the template out of paper, and then, laying it on the dough, cut off all the excess. And you can just cut it by eye, if you are confident in yourself. Dough scraps can slightly tighten the edges.
Transfer the pizza dough onto a baking sheet. Do everything carefully so as not to tear.

Step 2: prepare the salami.

In addition to the basics, if you have cookie cutters, you can also give the shape of a heart and slices of salami. But do not cut everything, only those pieces that will be at the top.

Step 3: stack the filling.

Stepping away from the edge, grease the dough with pizza sauce or regular tomato paste, or your favorite ketchup. All one, if only you were tasty. Put the rounds of delicious salami into the sauce.

Then sprinkle pizza with grated mozzarella. Arrange the olives, cut into halves, and slices of salami, carved in the shape of hearts.
And so that the edges of the pizza are tasty, grease them with olive oil and sprinkle with grated parmesan. Brush off excess cheese from a baking sheet so as not to burn.

Step 4: bake pizza in the shape of a heart.

Find on the packaging of your dough how much and at what temperature it needs to be baked. Preheat the oven and follow the instructions to bake heart-shaped pizza.
When the dough is baked and becomes rosy, remove the pizza from the oven and bring it soon to your soulmate, let your efforts be appreciated.

Step 5: serve heart-shaped pizza.

Serve heart-shaped pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner. The main thing is that she was just cooked. It turns out very tasty, simple and original. Great idea for the upcoming holiday - Valentine's Day!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can add anything you like to pizza: tomatoes, bell peppers, exchange salami for ham, and so on, as your heart desires.