Tomato horseradish

Tomato horseradish

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Ingredients for Tomato Fucking

  1. Ripe tomatoes 1 kilogram
  2. Horseradish root 100 grams
  3. Garlic 100 grams
  4. Salt 1-2 teaspoons (optional)
  5. Sugar 1 teaspoon (optional)
  • Main ingredients: Tomato, Horseradish
  • World Cuisine


A meat grinder, a deep plate, a plastic bag, a kitchen knife, disposable paper towels, a glass jar with a lid.

Cooking horseradish from tomato:

Step 1: prepare the tomatoes.

Take away ripe dense tomatoes and rinse them thoroughly with warm running water. Dry the vegetables with disposable paper towels to get rid of excess moisture.

Cut each tomato into quarters or halves and cut the stem.

Step 2: prepare the horseradish.

Rinse the horseradish root, pat dry and with a knife peel off the thick top skin.

Step 3: prepare the garlic.

Dismantle the garlic, peel, rinse and pat dry with paper towels.

Step 4: prepare the horseradish from the tomato.

First, peeled horseradish through a meat grinder. And so that the nose and eyes do not pinch, put a plastic bag on the meat grinder, tightly tying it around the outlet. When all the horseradish is chopped, close the bag with it and for now put it aside.
Next, grind the peeled tomatoes and garlic, also passing through a meat grinder.

Add sugar and salt to the tomato and garlic mass, mix well. Pour the chopped horseradish root there. Mix everything very well.

In order to keep the horseradish from the tomato well, lay it in clean glass jars and cover it (but not tightly). In the refrigerator, this lossless savory appetizer stand for 6 months, but after that it may become not so vigorous.
Tomato horseradish can be served immediately after cooking, but, in my opinion, after a couple of hours in the refrigerator, it tastes better.

Step 5: serve the tomato horseradish.

Serve tomato horseradish to meat, to poultry, to potatoes, to pasta, and to anything else! It is very tasty and will decorate any dish, making it more useful! You can just spread the horseradish on a piece of bread and eat, very tasty. Suitable for both everyday and festive table, especially if you serve it with cold appetizers, for example, meat aspic.
Here is such a universal and indispensable thing in the household, this tomato horseradish.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Salt, sugar, as well as other spices can be added to the horseradish of tomato before serving.

- You can add more horseradish and garlic to your taste to make it quite vigorous.

- Instead of a meat grinder, a blender is suitable, but the consistency of horseradish will be much more fluid.


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