Apple jam with lingonberries

Ingredients for making apple jam with lingonberries

  1. Apples (sour) 1 kilogram
  2. Lingonberry 1 kg
  3. Sugar 2.5 kilograms
  4. Water 2 cups
  • Main ingredients: Apple, Lingonberry


Saucepan, wooden spoon, kitchen knife, colander, deep plate, knife for peeling vegetables and fruits, glass jars with roofs, ladle, wide funnel.

Cooking apple jam with lingonberries:

Step 1: prepare lingonberries.

First, cranberries need to be sorted out and thoroughly rinsed several times with running water to get rid of all leaves, twigs and other plant debris.
Pour the selected berries into a deep plate and pour boiling water over it. Hold the lingonberry there 2-3 minutes, then throw the berries in a colander and wait until the excess moisture drains. Such a simple procedure will remove unnecessary bitterness.

Step 2: prepare the apples.

Rinse apples with warm running water, and then peel them from the skin, cutting it with a special knife. Divide the peeled fruits into halves and cut out the cores together with the seeds, tear out the tail and twig.
You’ll still have apple flesh free from everything. It should be cut into medium or small cubes.

Step 3: prepare apple jam with lingonberries.

Pour the right amount of water into the pan, add sugar and bring the syrup to a boil. Gently fold apple slices and lingonberries into boiling water with sugar. Stir and put everything on medium heat, and when it boils, make the fire slow.
Cooking apple jam with lingonberries is necessary for 30-35 minutesbut it’s better to control the whole process yourself. The jam itself should boil slightly all the time, but not very much, just as it needs to be periodically mixed with a wooden spoon.

Step 4: we prepare apple jam with lingonberries for the winter.

Rinse and sterilize glass jars thoroughly. Clean containers guarantee the safety of your workpiece. And do not forget the same about the covers.
Place the finished apple jam with lingonberries in clean glass jars and tightly close the lids. When your workpiece has cooled to room temperature, it can be hidden in a pantry or basement, with your other workpieces.

Step 5: serve apple jam with lingonberries.

Serve apple jam with lingonberries for tea, make haircuts from it or add to other pastries. It turns out very tasty and healthy. This jam is especially good for colds and general weakness, since lingonberries retain their healing properties even in this form.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Apples can be cut and larger, but then in the finished jam you will have large apple slices.

- Some housewives also recommend adding a little walnuts to apple jam with lingonberries. This will make the workpiece not only tasty and healthy, but also original.

- If you have very juicy apples and berries, then water may not be needed at all, you can make jam just like that by simply mixing fruits with lingonberries and granulated sugar.