Salad with Prunes, Chicken and Nuts

Ingredients for Salad with Prunes, Chicken and Nuts

  1. Chicken fillet 250 grams
  2. Prunes 70-80 grams
  3. Walnut (peeled) 50 grams
  4. Mayonnaise 3-6 tablespoons or to taste
  5. Purified water as needed
  6. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients Chicken, Prunes, Nuts
  • Portion2-3
  • World Cuisine


Kitchen knife - 2-3 pieces, cutting board - 2-3 pieces, paper kitchen towels, stove, pan, slotted spoon, bowl, colander, kettle, deep plate - 2 pieces, deep bowl, tablespoon, plastic wrap, refrigerator, portioned plate.

Making a salad with prunes, chicken and nuts:

Step 1: prepare the chicken.

This delicious salad is made in just 45 minutes, and if you cook it for the holiday, you will have a lot of time to come up with and also bring to life other no less appetizing dishes. So, for starters, carefully wash fresh chicken under streams of cold running water, in my version, fillet. Then we spread it on a cutting board and with a sharp kitchen knife we ​​clear it of a thin film, as well as cartilage.

Step 2: cook the chicken.

Then we lower the meat into a deep pan, pour purified water so that it is higher than this ingredient by 3-4 fingers, and put on medium heat. After boiling with a slotted spoon, we remove the gray-white foam - curled protein from the surface of the bubbling liquid.

Season the resulting lean broth to taste with salt and cook the fillet for 25-30 minutes until ready. As soon as the chicken becomes soft, transfer it to a small deep plate and completely cool near the ajar window.

Step 3: prepare the prunes.

We don’t lose a minute, we warm up a little purified water in the teapot, 200 milliliters will be enough. Then thoroughly rinse the dried prunes, transfer it to a small bowl and after a few minutes pour boiling water. We stand in it fruit 12-15 minutes, then throw them into a colander, rinse again, dry with paper towels and move to a clean dish.

Step 4: prepare nuts and other ingredients.

Next, lay the walnuts on the countertop and sort them out, removing any kind of rubbish. After that, grind the kernels in any convenient way, for example, break them with clean hands or chop the knife into small pieces on a cutting board.

Step 5: bring the salad to full readiness.

Now, in turn, we put the cooled chicken on the cutting board, as well as the prunes that managed to dry and shred them with straws or cubes. The shape of the slices is not important, but it is better that the pieces are not large and not small, approximately 1 centimeter in size. We shift these products into a deep bowl, add chopped nuts to the same place and add a little mayonnaise.

Season everything to taste with salt and mix with a tablespoon to a homogeneous consistency. Tighten the finished salad with plastic wrap or cover with a lid and put in the fridge for a couple of hoursand then serve.

Step 6: serve the salad with prunes, chicken and nuts.

Salad with prunes, chicken and nuts is served chilled as an appetizer in front of the main hot dishes, although this miracle turns out to be so satisfying that it could well become a full-fledged second course for lunch or dinner. Serve it in a bowl specially designed for this purpose, optionally decorating with sprigs of dill, parsley, green onion, cilantro or slices of olives, as well as olives. Enjoy a simple and spicy meal!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- for this dish, you can use any parts of the chicken, for example, breast, drumsticks, thighs. Also in this way you can cook a salad of boiled or baked beef, pork and even turkey meat;

- an alternative to mayonnaise - sour cream or a mixture of 1: 1;

- some housewives supplement the composition of the products with hard cheese, crushed on a small or medium grater, freshly chopped cucumber, fried in butter butter mushrooms or hard-boiled chicken eggs;

- very often, mayonnaise is mixed with one or two garlic cloves squeezed out through a press, a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and after that add the resulting sauce to all the other prepared components of the salad;

- while cooking chicken, it is advisable not to add spices to the water, salt is enough, otherwise the aroma of spices can interrupt the smells of other mouth-watering ingredients.