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Walnut pie

Walnut Pie Ingredients

The basis:

  1. Premium wheat flour 200 grams
  2. Walnut (fresh) 200 grams
  3. Granulated Sugar 150 grams
  4. Chicken egg (fresh) 2 pieces
  5. Butter 140 grams per dough and 25 grams for a mold
  6. 1/2 teaspoon salt
  7. Food baking powder for the test of 10 grams
  8. Cocoa Powder 1 Tbsp
  9. 1/4 teaspoon vanilla sugar


  1. Icing sugar 25 grams
  2. Walnut (fresh) 100 grams
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Flour, Sugar
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Kitchen scales, teaspoon, tablespoon - 2-3 pieces, a kitchen knife, a stove, a stewpan, a sieve with a fine mesh - 2 pieces, a deep bowl - 3 pieces, a food processor with two nozzles: for kneading dough and a whisk, oven, heat-resistant round shape with removable sides (diameter 22 centimeters), silicone kitchen spatula, kitchen potholders, kitchen spatula, large flat dish, dessert plate.

Cooking Walnut Pie:

Step 1: prepare the butter.

First of all, we print out the butter, with a kitchen knife we ​​separate from it a piece that is needed for the dough, put it in a saucepan and put on medium heat. Melt the fat to a liquid consistency, often stirring with a tablespoon so as not to burn! After that, remove it from the stove and cool to room temperature near the ajar window.

Step 2: prepare the nuts.

Then we lay walnuts on the kitchen table and sort out, eliminating any litter in the form of fragments. Two hundred grams of the kernels are sent to a dry bowl of a stationary blender and chopped into small crumbs.

We chop the rest with a sharp knife into large pieces and transfer to a clean dish.

Step 3: prepare the dry mixture.

Now, through a sieve with a fine mesh, we sift wheat flour of the highest grade into a deep bowl. This process is very important, during which this ingredient loosens, dries and gets rid of small debris, which very often gets into bags at packaging factories during packaging. Then we add food baking powder, a little salt, vanilla sugar, cocoa powder to the flour and mix everything with a tablespoon to a homogeneous consistency.

Step 4: beat the melted butter, chicken yolks and sugar.

Next, gently beat the eggs with the back of the knife and separate the squirrels from the yolks in different deep bowls, so that the shell does not get into them. The first set aside for a while, and the second we send granulated sugar and cooled melted butter.
We put a bowl with yolks under the blade for kneading dough, turn on the food processor at medium speed and beat everything until a homogeneous snow-white mixture without grains.

Step 5: prepare the forum and the oven.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven up to 180 degrees Celsius, then take another small piece of butter and grease the bottom with it, as well as the inside of the side of the non-stick or heat-resistant round shape.

Step 6: prepare the nut dough.

When the butter, sugar and yolks beat to thick flakes without stopping the operation of the kitchen appliance, we begin to gradually add a dry mixture of flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar and salt to them, while mixing half-thick dough. Then add the nuts ground in the blender there and beat together until a uniform consistency occurs for about 4-5 minutes.

Step 7: prepare the proteins.

After that, we remove the bowl with peanut dough to the side, attach the new Whisk attachment to the harvester and set the dishes with squirrels under it. Beat them to a lush, homogeneous, stable mass or to peaks at the highest speed. This process will take approximately 5-6 minutes.

Step 8: bring the dough to full readiness.

Next, with the help of a silicone kitchen spatula, we introduce whipped proteins into the resulting walnut dough. We act very carefully so that they do not settle! Then we also carefully transfer the aromatic mixture to the prepared head start, level it and proceed to the next step.

Step 9: bake a pie with walnuts.

We check the temperature of the oven and, if it has warmed up, we install a form with dough on it on the middle rack. Bake the cake for 40-45 minutes until golden brown. After the right time, we check its readiness with the help of a wooden kitchen skewer, match or toothpick. We insert the point into the pulp of the product and take out, if the tree is wet, we stand the cake in the oven yet 7-10 minutes.

Is the wand dry? Then we put on kitchen gloves, rearrange the form on a chopping board, previously laid on the kitchen table, and cool its contents to room temperature.

Step 10: make a cake with walnuts.

After some time, remove the cake from the mold and use a kitchen spatula to spread it on a large flat dish. Then, using a sieve, crush the pastries with powdered sugar, sprinkle with chopped nuts and serve to the table.

Step 11: serve the walnut pie.

Walnut pie is served at room temperature. After preparation, the baked goods are cooled and soaked with honey, syrup, poured with icing, melted chocolate, decorated with any creams, whipped cream or, as in our case, icing sugar and chopped walnuts. This yummy is pleasant to relish with cold or hot drinks, for example, tea, coffee, cocoa, milk, juice, kefir, yogurt or whatever you like. Enjoy delicious, wholesome and simple food!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- an alternative to vanilla sugar - a liquid extract of this spice, butter - margarine of the highest grade and fat content with a minimum amount of liquid, walnuts - almonds, hazelnuts, cedar and many others, and a baking powder - a teaspoon of baking soda extinguished with 9% vinegar;

- Are you afraid that the cake will burn? Then it is better to cover the baking dish with a sheet of baking or parchment paper;

- very often in the dough add a little cinnamon or zest of lemon or orange, raisins, chopped dried fruits and chocolate dragees;

- the dough can be cooked manually using a conventional whisk.